Transform Your Meal Prep Routine with These Glass Container Hacks

Meal prepping is a game-changer for busy professionals, health and fitness advocates, and parents. It saves time, helps control portions, and ensures you always have healthy meals on hand. Glass containers, like the ones from Home Fleek, are perfect for meal prep, thanks to their durability, safety, and versatility. Here are some unique tips and tricks to maximize the use of Home Fleek's Airtight Round Glass Food Containers in blue and red, enhancing efficiency and enjoyment in the kitchen.

1. Color-Code Your Meals

Use the different colored lids of Home Fleek's containers to color-code your meals for the week. For example, use blue-lidded containers for lunches and red ones for dinners. This simple hack can help you quickly grab what you need from the fridge without having to check labels or contents.

2. Pre-Make Smoothie Packs

For a quick and nutritious breakfast, fill glass containers with your favorite smoothie ingredients, except the liquid. When you're ready to blend, empty the contents into a blender, add your liquid base, and blend. This hack ensures fresh-tasting smoothies every morning with minimal prep time.

3. Batch Cook Grains and Proteins

Use your glass containers to batch cook grains like rice, quinoa, or pasta, and proteins like chicken, beef, or tofu. Store them separately in the fridge or freezer. This way, you can mix and match components to create different meals throughout the week, keeping your diet varied and interesting.

4. Oven to Table in One Container

One of the best features of Home Fleek's glass containers is their oven safety. Prepare casseroles, lasagnas, or roasted vegetables directly in the containers, then store leftovers in the same container. It reduces cleaning time and makes reheating leftovers a breeze.

5. Create a Snack Station

Fill several containers with healthy snacks—nuts, chopped veggies, fruit, or yogurt. Stack them in your fridge for easy access. This hack encourages healthy snacking and makes it easy for kids to help themselves to pre-approved snacks.

6. Sous Vide in Your Glass Container

For the culinary adventurers, Home Fleek's airtight containers can be used for sous vide cooking. Fill the container with water, attach your sous vide precision cooker, and cook your vacuum-sealed food to perfection. It's an innovative way to use your containers and achieve restaurant-quality results at home.

7. Salad Layering for Freshness

Layer salads in your glass containers starting with dressing and heavier, wetter ingredients at the bottom, and finishing with greens on top. This keeps your salads fresh and prevents them from getting soggy. When you're ready to eat, just shake the container to distribute the dressing.

8. Freeze Herbs in Olive Oil

Chop fresh herbs and place them in the containers, covering them with olive oil before freezing. This preserves the herbs and creates ready-to-use herb-infused olive oil cubes perfect for cooking.


Home Fleek's Airtight Round Glass Food Containers are not just for storing leftovers. With these hacks, you can streamline your meal prep, making your routine more efficient and enjoyable. Whether you're a busy professional, a fitness enthusiast, or a parent, these tips can help you make the most of your meal prep efforts.

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