Cat 7 Ethernet Cables: The Future-Proof Solution for High-Speed Networking

In the world of networking, the quest for faster and more reliable internet connections never ceases. As we delve into more bandwidth-intensive activities, the need for superior Ethernet Cables has become more apparent. This is where Category 7 (Cat 7) Ethernet Cables come into play, offering remarkable speed and reliability. Mr. Tronic's Cat 7 cables come in three distinct types: Ethernet Patch Cables, Ethernet Flat Cables, and Ethernet Bulk Cables, each designed to meet specific networking needs.

Why Cat 7?

Cat 7 cables are a significant step up from their predecessors, supporting higher frequencies and faster data transmission. With the capability to handle up to 10 Gbps speeds and a bandwidth of up to 600 MHz, these cables are perfect for intensive online activities, such as streaming 4K/8K video, online gaming, and large file transfers.

Mr. Tronic Category 7 Ultra Fast Ethernet Cable - Cat7

1. Ethernet Patch Cables

Mr. Tronic's Cat 7 Ethernet Patch Cables are designed for versatility and durability. These cables are equipped with RJ45 connectors and offer high-speed connectivity. The SFTP (Shielded Foiled Twisted Pair) design ensures minimal noise and interference, making them ideal for connecting computers, routers, and other devices in a home or office network.

Mr. Tronic Yellow Cat 7 Ethernet Cable, High Speed LAN Ethernet Network Cable with RJ45 Ends Connectors, Cat7 Internet Cable, ADSL Patch Cable, SFTP Cable

2. Ethernet Flat Cables

The Mr. Tronic Flat Cat 7 Ethernet Cables are a testament to both form and function. Their flat design allows for easy installation under carpets, up walls, and behind furniture, making them perfect for clean and discreet setups. Despite their slim profile, these cables deliver the same high-speed performance of 10 Gbps and are equally suitable for demanding internet requirements.

Mr. Tronic Flat Cat 7 Ethernet Cable, High-Speed LAN Ethernet Network Cable with RJ45 Connectors, Cat7 Internet Cable 10 Gbps, ADSL Patch Cable, SFTP Cable

3. Ethernet Bulk Cables

For larger network installations, Mr. Tronic's Bulk Cat 7 Ethernet Cables are the go-to choice. Made with 100% bare copper, these cables guarantee maximum performance and durability. They are ideal for setting up extensive networks in office buildings or for wiring entire homes, offering a robust solution for high-speed internet needs.

Mr. Tronic Bulk Cat 7 Ethernet Cable, High Speed Pure Copper LAN Ethernet Network Cable, 600 MHz 50m Bulk Cat7 Internet Cable, 10 Gbps, ADSL, SFTP 100% Bare Copper Bulk Cable

The Mr. Tronic Advantage

With Mr. Tronic's Cat 7 cables, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a future-proof networking solution. These cables are designed to meet the current and future demands of high-bandwidth, high-speed internet connections. Whether for personal use or a professional setup, Mr. Tronic's Cat 7 cables ensure that your network is ready for the future of the internet.


As our digital world continues to evolve, having the right tools to stay connected is crucial. Mr. Tronic's range of Cat 7 Ethernet cables offers the speed, reliability, and versatility needed to keep up with the demands of today and tomorrow. Upgrade your network with Mr. Tronic's Cat 7 solutions and experience a new level of connectivity.
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