Next, you will find a quick guide to make network cables with the length that suits your needs.


What do you need?

  1. Network Cable Mr. Tronic.
  2. Crimping Pliers (Not Included)
  3. Wire Stripper (Not Included)
  4. RJ45 connectors (Not Included)


STEP 1: Custom size.

Cut to the desired size using a wire cutter.


STEP 2: Preparation of the ends.

Strip the wire 25mm from the end. Insert the wire into the stripping section of the tool and tighten it. Then, twist the crimping tool around the wire in a smooth, even motion to create a clean cut. Hold the tool and pull towards the end of the cable to remove the coating.


STEP 3: Order twisted pairs

Unscrew and straighten the wires inside the cable. Inside the wire, you will see a bunch of smaller twisted wires. Separate the twisted wires and stretch them so they are easier to sort in the correct order. Organize the cables in the correct order. The correct sequence is as follows from left to right: orange / white, orange, green / white, blue, blue / white, green, brown / white, brown


STEP 4: Align Twisted Pairs

Cut the wires in a uniform 13mm line from the sheathing. Hold the cables with your thumb and forefinger to keep them in order. Then use the cutting section of the crimping tool to cut them into a smooth line.


STEP 5: RJ45 connector

Insert the cables into the RJ-45 connector. Hold the RJ-45 connector so that the clip is at the bottom and the small metal pins are facing up. Insert the cable into the connector so that each of the small cables fits into the small slots in the connector.


STEP 6: Crimping Pliers.

Glue the connector into the crimp part of the tool and tighten twice. s. Squeeze the handles to crimp the connector and secure the cables. Release the handles, then tighten the tool again to make sure all the pins are pressed down.


STEP 7: Done!

Remove the cable from the tool and verify that all the pins are facing down. Pull the connector out of the tool and observe the pins to see that they are all pushed down in a uniform line.